I'm a Visual Product Designer with 10+ years of experience. Now living in Leipzig, Germany.
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Professional and personal profile

User Experience designer with 13+ years of experience with a deep understanding of user-centered design with focus on usability and humanizing technologies, with strong skills of Front-end Development

During my career I have worked for main media groups and agencies in Chile, founded two companies and worked for e-Commerce and Software as a Service products, which gave me experience analyzing business objectives and serving as interlocutor in between business, design and development teams, enabling the delivery of effective solutions.

Although I've spent close to UX for the last several years, I’m still developing ideas in my free time. Two years ago I developed "angular environment" an AngularJS plugin for handling environment variables. At this time, the plugin has ~3.000 monthly downloads from NPM and 8 released versions.

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Other skills

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